Design your walls

Because of the surface area it consumes, wallpaper packs a big punch. A wall covering is one of the easiest — and most inexpensive — ways to add color, art and design to your living room or bedroom. With a variety of colors, textures and patterns available, wall treatments can add depth, dimension and personality to your space.

Embossed : Great for covering walls with imperfections,
Fabric : This textile-based wallpaper is tough to clean and hang, but it adds great texture and has a more trendy feel.

Flocks : This wallpaper consists of a paper or vinyl base featuring a pattern created from velvet-like raised designs.

Foils : This metallic-looking wall covering will add brightness to a room and works best on clean walls with no damage or flaws.

Vinyl : This is the basis of most stock wallpaper. It’s easy to clean, hang and remove, and it works great for bathrooms.

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