We usually get a lot of queries through phone and email requesting us to provide information about our blinds & curtains. We love to help you out with them, and would like to go one step further to provide some answers and clarifications to you before you pick the phone to call us. However if you are still unhappy with the information available, we will be more than happy to help you with our queries.

If you find the question you are looking to ask us, please click on the questions to see our responses in that regard.

Some frequently asked questions and more

We have a universal sourcing policy to ensure that we provide you with the best possible products. Most of our fabrics are sourced from the European Union, specifically Germany. The fabrics are manufactured and exported from Germany before they reach our factory, where we check them again for consistency and quality before manufacturing the custom blinds & curtains for our needs.

We also have some other fabrics that are currently manufactured only in China and Korea, and these fabrics are unique as they are brilliantly designed. For all the people skeptical about the quality of the products coming in from the far east, we assure you that we have gone through a very strict sourcing policy to ensure that the blinds & curtains are of the greatest quality and provide a very high value for money.

This is the question we are proud to say no, the samples and designs sampled on the website are only to give you, our customer an idea of what these blinds & curtains might look like. We would love for you to see the entire range in a physical environment as we understand that these blinds & curtains will decorate the most personal of your spaces and you would need the satisfaction of seeing them in person before you make a decision about them.

We also have shade cards, and shade samples available on our product brochure which would be available with all our dealers and distributors. This shade card again is not the finite list as our sourcing team are constantly in search of fabrics that will “wow” you.

Another question that is usually asked is if the products are expensive since they are sourced from Europe and some sourced from Asia being cheap. The answer is simple, we have handpicked these fabrics from millions of fabric manufacturers that produce fabrics. What this means is that our emphasis on value for money and variety of design has actually paid off.

Fabrics from Asia and Europe that we have picked provide you with the best value for money. The plain and simple fact is that they end up saving more money with the energy savings due to the insulation they provide making them a money saver rather than an expense.

One of the most intelligent questions usually asked by our customers is how much insulation is provided by the blinds & curtains. We have taken time with our R&D department to conduct specific tests to show that the blinds & curtains provide insulation from heat, especially the blackout blinds & curtains from the classic and sunscreen series more than the designer and kids series.

This insulation helps with not only with insulation of heat but another usage is the reduction of the Air Conditioning needs of your home, making it a green product and reduce the electricity bill along with your carbon footprint.

Should you choose blinds & curtains from ‘SERIAL’ that do have free hanging or loose cords, we will supply you with the appropriate wall mounted cord hook, so that you keep these out of the way and free from causing any danger.

Most of our fabrics have a backing made from high grade U. V. stabilised polymers, and this helps keep the room cool with the use of air conditioners.

The conditions of your windows will always differ from another, and through normal maintenance they can last up to 10 years.

Yes. All you need to do to clean your window blinds & curtains is use a cloth, feather duster, or vacuum cleaner (at the lowest setting) to clean away dust.

All ‘SERIAL’ Window blinds & curtains are made to measure to your exact specifications. We advise arranging you a free home presentation with our local window blinds & curtains designer, who can advise you on the best solution for your windows.

After your design appointment, a ‘SERIAL’ surveyor will visit you at a convenient time and confirm all the measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Once your window blinds & curtains have been handmade, they will be installed by our local ‘SERIAL’ fitter. This service is included at no extra cost with the purchase of your ‘SERIAL’ Window blinds & curtains.

Yes, ‘SERIAL’ offers you all the professional range of SOMFY & Nice motors for blinds & curtains which are made in france & Italy respectively with 5 years warranty. Our engineers will advice you on the best solution and shall install it in the best condition.

The manual blinds & curtains can be removed, but we would strongly advise not to remove the electric blinds & curtains. Should you wish to do this we have a full lasting care service where our engineers will remove your blinds & curtains to clean.

It will take 2 days to one week depending on the no. of windows.

Our service includes measuring. We then become responsible for the accurate fit. Windows in doors have a couple of options, all of which involve attaching the blind to the door via screws.

Different blinds & curtains and fabrics are subject to width restrictions. Most will cover widths up to 2 m to 2.5 m., while some can reach widths up to 3 m. You can also use multiple blinds & curtains on one window to solve this problem.

We offer a limited life time warranty on our products such as One year on Window blinds & curtains and 5 Years on Motors. If a repair or warranty issue arises, our service includes a no charge service within the warranty period, where we will return to your place, remove the blinds & curtains, ship it back to our factory, and re-install it. After the warranty period, we still authorize our warranty, however you have to pay a small service fee for us to remove the blinds & curtains, ship it, and re-install it.

Our service includes at no cost to you, coming to your home or business, showing samples of actual working blinds & curtains, giving you advise as to what would work best for your application and budget, taking accurate measurements to insure a custom fit.

Most blinds & curtains of this quality will last a lifetime. Replacement is usually done to modernize.

During our free in-home consultation, we will give you the various options available for your particular application. We will personally advise you in this area, and will also be involved in the installation process, to insure satisfaction.

Custom made window coverings come in a wide range of pricing. We will email you a quote within 24 hours of our no charge consultation. There is no pressure put on you to make a purchase, so take advantage of this free service to find out your best price options.

Yes, however, the trend is toward a clean look, thus it is most common to have a stand alone window covering.

Yes, we do have a display of blinds & curtains at our office for demonstration purpose. For the convenience of the customer and to keep pricing very competitive our service is an in-home service. We bring working samples to your place where you can actually see what they will look like before you invest.

There are many options to stop light from entering into the room. This can be accomplished with the many blackout fabrics available. To further enhance room darkening, side and bottom channels are available to stop side light leakage.

Unfortunately we don’t offer this service. All of our fabrics are chosen as they are very high quality and all fabric will have had lots of tests to ensure our customers are happy with their blinds & curtains for years to come.

Yes, but before you send us any photograph please make sure that you have the necessary copy write for us to print this blind for you. We will not print anything of a pornographic nature.

This is becoming very popular with businesses. Just order your personalized along with your chosen logo or image and we will install it with face outwards.

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